Interbit Data Patient Portal Allows you to Meet the Federal “Timely Access” Requirement for Meaningful Use

By now most healthcare providers are aware that federal Meaningful Use requirements mandate that by 2014 you must be able to provide your patients with timely access to their own medical records. Interbit Data Patient Portal allows you to meet the federal “timely access” requirement for Meaningful Use with patient record access over the Web.

To help you comply with this important measure of Meaningful Use, Interbit Data has entered into a partnership with MyMedicalRecords, Inc. (MMR) – a leading provider of Personal Health Records (PHR) – to create a solution that makes healthcare records available almost instantaneously to patients securely over the Internet. This capability allows you not only to qualify for government stimulus funds, but also to run your facility more efficiently and provide better patient service.

Interbit Data Makes it Easy to Provide Secure, Timely Access to Personal Health Records
The solution uses Interbit Data’s NetDelivery with Document Manager application to assemble patient reports from your hospital’s Healthcare Information System (HCIS), and then delivers them securely to the MMR PHR over the Web. Patients can then use this secure, on-line service to maintain copies of their medical records from all their providers in one central location, and safely access them via the Internet.

NetDelivery with Document Manager is tightly integrated with MyMedicalRecords to enable secure delivery of patient records from your organization’s HCIS to a secure repository on the Internet. The solution delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Requires no hardware investment; provided as Software-as-a-Service
  • Gives patients access to electronic medical records quickly, easily and securely
  • Ensures compliance with Meaningful Use requirements for timely access
  • Ensures HIPAA-compliant report delivery via validated user connections and 128-bit SSL report encrypting prior to delivery via the Internet
  • Distributes reports in PDF format to simplify viewing and printing
  • Sends “new report” notification links automatically
  • Increases the accuracy of report delivery
  • Improves security and efficiency

Click here to find out more about the Interbit Data Patient Portal solution.

Do you have plans to offer your patients the ability to access their medical records over the Web in order to meet Meaningful Use requirements?

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